Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Carbon Offsetting

As a rough calculation it looks like the flights that I will need to take for both air freighting the bike and myself have a carbon footprint of 5 1/2 metric tons. Offsetting is a precarious business and the legitimacy, let alone accuracy, is a difficult thing to rely on. As it happens we have been sharing the same building at work with Jane Burston who has a company called Carbon Retirement.

By acquiring carbon credits from industries that are choosing not to use their carbon allowance, one is in effect encouraging industry to use less carbon, because it pays them not to use their allowence.

 Here is a film that explains it a little clearer.

 I am delighted that Jane has developed this great scheme and know it will be very successful for all concerned.

The Birth of Batty

 I don't know why this name has stuck with me, but I guess she had part of her conception in Battersea, which combined with her owners ambitions seem to rather gel together.

Anyway a couple of days ago I went to see Henry who is building her and found this beautiful thing on the cusp of life. All she needs is a couple of wheels, a seat or two and a fuel tank. Henry is looking forward to finishing her this week, and then it is a matter of registration and MOT.


On advice from my pal Bernard Yeoh, who seems to be right up to the minute with all things camera, I have plumped for this Olympus which I can drop from great heights, take underwater to 30 foot, not worry about dust and sand etc. It also takes video.

What is certain is that the camera is a lot better, and will hopefully cover up some rather elementary mistakes that this snapper will undoubtedly make.

Tomorrow, I am off to the Apple Store to see a demonstration and hope to learn a bit about the iMovie software, with probably over ambitions to make the odd video.