I have met Bill Liao a couple of times through Entrepreneurs' Organisation and love the idea that growing clouds by growing trees in sufficient quantities, we can normalize the climate, restore communities, stabilize environments, and prevent political tension caused by shortages of land and water. (In part, I am paraphrasing Robin Smith of Host Universal, if memory serves)

Have a look at what they are doing...it is an amazing idea. WeForest.

Here are a couple of videos that explain all.

I am looking forward to visiting a few of the projects and reporting from them.

It seems in keeping with the vegibike theme, although everyone switching to normal vegitable oil to run their vehicles will not be a good thing. It may at least point to some power solutions from matter grown today, rather than hydrocarbons stored for many many millennia that will deplete in the fullness of time, releasing carbon in vast quantities along the way.