Photo Dump

This is a sort of back up for all the photos I have taken, and not put in the blog. I am afraid I have not labelled them at all.

Album 1. UK - India
Album 2. India - Nepal
Album 3. Nepal - SE Asia - New Zealand
Album 4 New Zealand - Australia
Album 5, North America, Mexico, Baja
Album 6, Mexico, Central America, Columbia, Ecuador, Galapagos, Peru, Machu Picchu 
Album 7, Brazil, Uruguay,  Crossing the Atlantic, Europe and Home


  1. Hi Harry,

    I stumbled upon your blog and my eye's continued to widen as I read your back story, about your successful business, your ambition to take this physical journey - by bike - powered by a great fuel (while that lasted) - treading as lightly as it is possible without resorting to pedals, plus what you have read and of course the updates of your adventure :o)

    I consider myself very lucky to have been to many of the places you have recently explored. It has been truly great to see some of them again from your perspective. The people of each place seem always to be kinder, warmer and more giving than expected - I sometime hope I measure up to the same 'test' of kindness whenever I welcome visitors!

    'Jupiter' has inspired many fellow travellers. I am in my early 50's now, but grew up with motorcycles (introduced to me by my sister in fact). I was so pleased to read of courier background, your field of business and now your personal trip, the pleasure for me has been because your successes reflect I believe on your good nature (I have never met you, but my experience tells me these things are true) Erm, I hope that makes some sense.

    I shall pop by each week to catch-up on the remainder of your trip.

    I wish you safe travel (North America can be surprisingly tricky!), still many new encounters and only good surprises along the way.

    Enjoy every sense of your hard earned break from the routine :o)


    1. Hello Peter,
      thank you so much for your kind and interesting comment. It is lovely hearing from strangers, particularly when they have been so generous with their thoughts.
      If you ever find yourself in London, please do let me know and we can try and meet up….As of next summer of course. Harry

    2. Hi Harry,

      A pleasure - it would be great to meet-up in London (which is a fairly regular journey for me).

      Your comment last month about Granada being similar to Lang Prabang sounded interesting as it allowed me to transport myself their mentally thanks to your reference. I will take your guidance when we meet regarding your time in the Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica and Panama 'region'.
      Dan Walsh and his scribblings within Bike magazine has been one of my scholarly points of reference for the region...I may need therapy! - so your advice for the slightly 'sane' rider would be appreciated next summer.

      Keep safe - may the myriad of over friendly American insects wishing to commit suicide on you woft gracefully to the side as Batty thumps forward.