Thursday, March 31, 2011

The end of the last day in the office...sabbatical starts tomorrow

Rather odd feeling...especially when we have been flat out, not only with business, but also with new websites, final build on new offices (which we are probably not going to rush into whilst I am away), upgrading our management software and planning the next years advertising spend.

I had been planning to write a long letter to all my colleagues today, but there will be a lot more to say in a week or so's time.

Anyway, I am off the phone system, and will put an auto reply on the email in the morning.

Goodbye everyday life for the last 26 years, and hello the vegibike adventure....


  1. You'll be a fine addition to Britain's intrepid band of explorers. I hope the trip will be as revelatory and fulfilling as I am sure it will be worthwhile. Happy times. Martin

  2. What a brave and wonderful thing to do. All the best and look forward to keeping up to date on your adventure through this blog.

  3. Happy Riding Harry. Chris Mortimer

  4. Harry, we admire you for going for it! We are much looking forward to following your blog and reading of your travels. Have a great adventure, with best wishes Ali and Giles Bovill

  5. what is your planned route across North America?

  6. Thank you one and all.

    The NA trip is as yet unplanned, I imagine, depending on the time of year, it will be pretty near the Canadian border