Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pre start ambitions..

The World


  1. Looks as if you will be finishing this little jaunt by us? I would love to buy you a pint when you get here. Looking forward to following your trip, Harry. Best of luck.


  2. what is your North American route
    Through USA or Canada ?
    What month do you expect to be in North America?

  3. Hi Sean,

    As yet I am not sure...I guess it will be a year away yet and hopefully clearer then.

  4. I am in Ontario Canada near Kincardine on Lake Huron have a well stocked shop with tools welding equipment and a place to stay if your heading this way or need help .
    depends on your route plans the weather here can be unpredictable in April we had snow yesterday as did parts of the northern USA and western Canada May to October are the best months for riding in this part of the world

  5. Top tips...thank you, I will take care to work with the weather as much as possible.
    Much appreciate your kind 'open doors' on the workshop front.